Solving our clients’ toughest Engineering and Technological problems drive our company and it’s vision. Whether working with Petrochemical,Oil & Gas, Utility, Infrastructure companies, Government or Privatebusinesses, we are committed to understanding our clients’ challenges andapplying the right mix of advanced technologies and services in the GlobalMarket to help them meet their core objectives. 


Today, RCG is one of the leading contributors to products and services that cater not only to the Petrochemical, Oil &Gas, Utility, Infrastructure Industry, but other industries across the MiddleEast and Africa. Our commitment is to deliver the advanced technologies andservices available in the Global Market matching the phenomenal growth of the MiddleEast and Africa and its industries.


Through our strategic partnerships with regionaland global organizations, in meeting its clients’ requirements throughhigher quality standards, best-in-class technical support, cost-competitive, after-salesservice like operation and maintenance, and product marketing support. 


“RCG is a one-stop solutionprovider for all our clients’ requirements”